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The Ultimate Charm ~ Miss Mermaid

The Ultimate Charm ~ Miss Mermaid

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✨The Ultimate Charm by STORM CLOUD✨

Meet the perfect accessory to instantly enchant your day! Clip it onto your purse, bag, diaper bag, belt loop, saddle or maybe even your pet’s collar. We can’t wait to see how you use your charm!

Each charm is handmade with colored seed beads and rhinestones and is backed with felt. The felted backside will reduce friction against vulnerable surfaces. Large gold jump rings secure your charm together. You are going to love how vibrant and sparkly your charm is in person!

Each STORM CLOUD charm is proudly assembled by our team at Cecilia Marie Boutique. We strive to bring you unique and enchanting charms that will make you smile each time you see them. 


Say hello to.. 

Miss Mermaid 

We've all dreamed of being a mermaid.... Keep that mermaid spirit with you with this charm! 

Dimensions: 4.25 inches by 1.25 inches 

Sparkle through the storm. Your rainbow is waiting. 🌈

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